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When Lives Rely on You, Rely on Us.

MedproCore™ is a flat fee maintenance and repair service for Stryker and Ferno ambulance cots, stretchers, stair chairs, and lockdown mechanisms. This is the core service of Medpro.

Here are just a few of the guaranteed benefits Medpro can make to your organization:

  • Save time and money by reducing avoidable repairs.
  • Provide safer equipment to reduce liability claims.
  • Reduce the risk of workers compensation claims.
  • Decrease equipment replacement and preserve your capital.
  • Less disruption to core ambulance service activities

The MedproActive™ Approach

Whenever possible, we implement proactive measures that keep patient transport equipment in the best condition possible. We call this complete preventative maintenance approach MedproActive™. Equipment failures don’t happen while equipment is sitting still and Medpro recognizes that the patient’s and EMT staff safety may be compromised when problems arise. The MedproActive™ approach seeks to mitigate cot failures before they happen, because much like automobile maintenance, it’s often less costly to fix problems before more damage is done.

Never Just A Repair

With Medpro, the maintenance and care go far beyond just a single repair. It is vital that equipment used to save lives is in perfect condition at all times. Medpro takes unprecedented measures to prevent failures before they happen, the results of which are an increase in product longevity and a reduction in equipment failures.

Medpro’s flat fee service includes:

  • TWO (2) Preventative Maintenances (PM) procedures per year (every 6 months).
  • Unlimited repairs throughout the year.†
  • Plus an additional complete preventative maintenance procedures after every repair.
  • All parts and labor are included.††

Our No Hidden Fee Guarantee

Medpro’s flat fee service means that there will be no significant unexpected repair and maintenance expenses throughout the year. Plan your budget and stay on budget.

† Excluding major national holidays and based on technician availability.
†† Medpro does not cover parts and labor associated with repairs due to abuse, neglect, or misuse. Consumable parts such as stair chair seat covers, rubber grips, brakes, etc., are not covered. Ask your Medpro Representative for full details.

Them vs. Us: Why We Are The SMART Choice

Stryker is an equipment manufacturer. They are more interested in selling new equipment rather than keeping your current equipment running longer. That’s why they plan equipment obsolescence and decertify your equipment after minor accidents. Here’s a handy chart showing what Medpro does that Stryker doesn’t.

Stryker Medpro
Preemptive Approach to Service NO YES
2 Yearly Preventative Maintenance NO YES
PM After Every Repair NO YES
Flat Fee Structure NO YES
Same Day Response NO YES
24/7 Access to Service Reports NO YES
Comprehensive Service Reports NO YES
Lifetime Service NO YES
Inventory Reports NO YES

Preemptive Approach

Unlike Stryker, we mitigate cot failures by proactively replacing parts at set intervals, much like automobile maintenance programs. We pay close attention to every part of your cot on every visit to ensure it always works like new all the time.

An example of Medpro’s preemptive maintenance procedure is with a cot’s U-Bar. A typical U-Bar failure happens when the U-Bar springs are fatigued enough so that it fails to engage the ambulance safety hook. Medpro proactively replaces the springs on a pre-scheduled basis to ensure this doesn’t ever happen, essentially eliminating the potential risk to patient safety associated with this sort of failure.

Without proper maintenance and an expert proactive preventative maintenance program for your ambulance cots and stair chairs, you expose yourself to a variety of liability situations and patient transport accidents. That’s why thousands of companies trust Medpro’s repair and maintenance programs.

Preventative Maintenance

Think of your ambulance cot as if it were your automobile. An automobile has thousands of moving parts as well as wearable components like brakes, fluids, wheels, and tires. Because of this, manufacturers offer complementary maintenance programs – some even offering mileage based preventative maintenance programs to ensure your car is running properly by changing your oil, checking fluid levels, changing and rotating tires, replacing air and oil filters, and making product recommendations to ensure the longevity of your vehicle.

An ambulance cot, believe it or not, also has a ton of moving parts and wearable components. Because of this, without a proper preventative maintenance procedure or program, you put your equipment, staff, and most importantly, patients at risk of injury from a cot failure.

Stryker does only one preventative maintenance procedure a year. Medpro does two – once every 6 months. And to top it off, we do another one after each and every repair so you know that your cot is in the best condition possible, giving you a piece of mind and preserving your capital.

Flat Fee Structure

Budget surprises are not fun. If you’re the manager or the owner of an ambulance company, this is something that would keep you up at night. Thankfully, Medpro has a flat fee structure that covers all travel, labor, and parts.†

Unlike Stryker, who will charge you an arm and a leg for a minor repair, we charge you an affordable flat rate so your repair and maintenance costs are predictable. Now you can sleep well at night.

Your interests are OUR best interests.

Because it costs us and not you each time a repair is called for, it is in our best interest to ensure your cot is in the best condition possible at each and every opportunity your equipment is presented to us. The statistically proven benefits of Medpro’s service program compared to all other service options are – safer and better operating equipment for EMS staff to use, significantly fewer repairs, less disruption to overall core operations, fewer workers comp claims, fewer liability claims, and a significant reduction in the need to purchase new equipment – all which equate to meaningful short and long term savings.

Same Day Response

Stryker does not offer same-day response for repairs. Medpro, however, does. We have field technicians who can travel to your location within 24 hours of your call and repair your cot. Less downtime is good, wouldn’t you agree?

24/7 Access To Service Reports

With Medpro, you don’t have to jump through loops to get to your service reports. We offer a time-stamped comprehensive service report, available for download online, through our website. The service reports show everything, in detail, that was done to your equipment. Yes, even when we do something a simple as changing a nut or bolt.

Stryker does not provide the same service. So you don’t know what was done and why it was done so it becomes a mystery when your cot has problems. Medpro’s service reports ensure that if there are, while rarely, lingering problems, our technicians can go back and figure out why.

Lifetime Service Guarantee

Repeat after me – Stryker is more interested in selling new equipment.

Stryker is not interested in keeping your equipment running forever. It is not in their best interest because at the end of the day, they have to sell new equipment to keep their shareholders happy. That’s why they plan obsolescence and stop servicing equipment after 7 years. And get this, they also decertify equipment in order to make you purchase new equipment. It’s a game in their favor and that’s why we’re here – to level it out, or even give you the advantage.

Medpro is not an equipment manufacturer. We are a service and repair organization with no shareholders. We are privately held company that is more interested in doing our job and preserving your capital. Our Stryker and Ferno certified mobile technicians keep your cots running longer than what Stryker wants them to. Stryker wants them to last 7 years, we make them last at least 14.

Our lifetime service guarantee promises that we will keep your cots running for as long as possible so you don’t have to buy new equipment unnecessarily. If you have old Stryker Power XT’s, take a look at our MedproLong™ (REVIVE) Program.

Detailed Inventory Reports

Medpro is proactive in identifying any equipment that may have slipped through the cracks during a semi-annual maintenance service. For instance, an ambulance might have been out on a service call while our technicians were on sight doing scheduled semi-annual preventative maintenance service. Our computers highlight equipment via serial number and Medpro barcode sticker so we can call you and schedule service for those cots that have been missed.

Ask Stryker to do that for you and see what they say.

Coverage Area

MedproCore™ is available in 19 states: Connecticut, Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington D.C..

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