MEDPRO currently services a customer base of over 1,000 EMS clients in 15 states primarily for ambulance stretcher repair and maintenance as well as stairchair and cot lockdown mechanism repair and maintenance. Our commitment to prompt and expert service has helped us to earn praise and recognition from the industries leading manufacturers, our peers in the EMS industry and most importantly from our clients. We believe the key to our success is our unyeilding dedication to customer satisfaction which is the foundation of what we refer to as the three I’s: INTEGRITY in the way we go about our business, INGENUITY to counterbalance the built-in obsolescence of the products we service and INDEPENDENCE which enables Medpro to be uncompromisingly loyal to our customers needs. Our expert service for Ferno ambulance cots and Stryker ambulance cots is second to none. The 8 short videos on the main page of this website expains all about the “MEDPRO DIFFERENCE” and what makes Medpro the best choice for service.

Medpro is not a franchise shop. We are not a manufacturer’s service department. We answer to no one but you. Our best interests are served when your best interests are served. Our goals are the same as our yours. We help you operate safely, efficiently and with maximum productivity. We accomplish with a preemptive approach to service which has broad reaching benefits for your organization, and we do it all at the lowest overall cost!

Let your best judgment and your independent thinking guide you when selecting a service provider. Browse our website and then please call us to discuss your requirements.